Agricultural Plast

Agricultural Plastic Recycling

Agricultural Plast
We accept / buy agricultural plastic sorted by place of origin.

In order for us to receive it, the plastic must be sorted and as clean as possible.

We do not process or accept:
  • waste or Miscellaneous plastics
  • PVC
  • PET

If you want more information about this, you can call Sami Yliknuussi tel. 050 371 7846.

Plactic collection

Collection of agricultural plastic can order
through our contact partners.

Lakeuden ympäristöhuolto

Itäsuomen murskauskeskus




Sorting agricultural plastics

Sort plastics according to plastic quality immediately after disposal and store them after use in a place where they can be picked up by truck, e.g. on a pallet, asphalt or on top of a tile.
NOT to the edge of the field, or against the ground.

The plastic must not contain soil, metal objects, material residues or impurities that could cause dangerous situations when handling plastics.

When picking up, the driver checks that the plastics are suitable for recycling.

Bale plastic PE-LLD

  • white plastic separately
  • other colors can be mixed
  • NO nets or strings (energy waste)





Wound plastic LDPE

  • Must not contain soil ingredients